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Updated 07/17/05

Artist Title Location
101ers Strummer Pre Clash - Smokey Joe's Cafe (L14)
agnostic front 1985-05-19-newyork-sbd (L19)
Allison Kraus 1989.06.24 - Telluride Bluegrass Festival (Telluride, CO) SB (L2)
Andy Summers 2001-10-26.flacf (L21)
Audioslave Studio Demos  
Badly Drawn Boy 1999, What a Year! Or So...(b-sides and rarities)  
Beach Boys Smile Sessions (L19)
Beastie Boys "Def Before Dishonor"  
Beastie Boys "B-Sides" mix cd  
Beatallica Beatallica (2004) [flac] (L31)
Beatallica A Garage Dayz Night (2001) [flac] (L31)
Beatles a day in the life (L32)
Beatles Here's Two 1969 (aka Roof Top Concert & Glyn John's Get Back)  
Beatles Sam Houston Coliseum  
Big Audio Dynamite Mick Jones 4track demos.flac (L9)
Big Country March 16, 1986 (L1)
Billy Idol In Concert '82 (L27)
Billy Idol '84 (L30)
bjork NeonHunter (1997) (L1)
bjork 1999-12-09.shnf (L1)
Black Sabbath 75-08-06 (L6)
blast 1985-06-20-sunvalley-sbd.flacf (L17)
BLUE OYSTER CULT 1981-06-18 nyc-sbd (L13)
BOSTON 9-27-76 SBD (L18)
Boston We Found It In The Trashcan, Honest! (L21)
Buena Vista Social Club (L9)
Built to Spill 2004-11-06.flac (L5)
California Guitar Trio 2004-11-16.km140.flacf (L8)
cardigans (L3)
cardigans August 9, 2003 (L7)
Cardigans 2004-02-14 - Live @ Huskvarna Folkets Park [P3 Popstad 2004] (L1)
Cardigans Gran Turismo Remixes  
Cardigans Provinssirock Festival 1999 / MTV Studios 1999  
Cardigans Royal Albert Hall  
Cardigans Hovet / Stockholm / Sweden  
Cave In Lollapalooza_Mailing List Limited Edition CD  
Charles Mingus 1964-04-14 copenhagen (L3)
Charles mingus 1965-09-25.shnf (L7)
Chris Cornell Paramount Theater, Denver, CO 1999  
Chris Isaak Wild Thing Chicago 1991 (L3)
Chris Isaak MTV Unplugged  
Chris Isaak Sugar Hips  
Church August 4, 1986 (L2)
Church Live at the Ritz  
clash 1982-01-24 - Tokyo, Japan.flacf (L5)
Clash Screen on The Green, Islington - 29-8-76 flac (L6)
clash 1979-09-14.shnf (L9)
Clash Live At The Agora Cleveland Ohio 14-2-79 (L22)
clash 101782flac (L25)
Clash France 1981 (L27)
Clash 2-25-82 Hong Kong AC Hall (L27)
Clash 1982-11-27 - Jamaica World Music Festival (L3)
Clash Bonds Casino live 06/04/81 (2 CD)  
Clash Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg (unreleased album)  
Clash Demos, Outtake, Alternates (Disc 1 & 2)  
Clash Yellow Riot (live Japan 1982)  
cocteau twins 1986-11-18.aud.shnf (L9)
cocteau twins bains douches11-09-1983-flac (L25)
Cocteau Twins 11.24.90 - detroit - sbd - flac (L30)
Cocteau Twins The Forgotten 4AD Tracks  
CocteauTwins TheBlackSessions-94-95-flac (L25)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY 1986-09-06-newyork.flacf (L13)
cult January 24, 1986 (L7)
cult May 19, 1986 (L11)
Cult The Phoenix (London 6.6.1992 FM) (L14)
Cult The Ritz NYC June 2 1987 (L14)
Damned Hammersmith Odeon 3.3.1981 (L17)
Damned Live At Oxford CFE Jan 1984 (L25)
Damned house of blues (L31)
danzig Hollywood on Fire - 07/17/1989.flac (L13)
Danzig Danzig I demos 1987-88 (L29)
Dave Matthews Band Lillywhite Sessions  
David Bowie 'Serious Moonlight' 1983-07-13 - Forum, Montreal - (TSP-CD-221-2) (L7)
David Bowie VH1 Story Tellers  
david gilmore 1984-07-12.shnf (L31)
Dead Kennedys Plastic demos 1982 (L4)
Eagles February 9, 1976 (L21)
ELLIOT SMITH 2001-12-20 MASTER (L30)
Elliott Smith Terrace Club - April 12, 1997 (L9)
Elliott Smith Embryo 2000 (L19)
fIREHOSE la harbor college - 18 march 1993 (L25)
fIREHOSE Town and Country, London UK 1986 (L25)
Flaming Lips SweetJesus (L2)
Fleetwood Mac Baton Rouge 1982 (L13)
Fleetwood Mac July 7, 1977 (L21)
Frank Black August 24, 2001 (L13)
Frank Black Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day (unreleased album)  
fugazi fortreno-1997_aug_29 (L5)
Genesis Sheffield 17 Apr 1980 SAB12 (L16)
genesis 1977-05-21.shnf (L20)
Genesis Fade 02 (L25)
Glastonbury 20-06-1981 (L21)
go-go's 1981.8.31 flac (L5)
Green River 7-1-84 Seattle + 10-24-87 LA (L6)
greenriver first demos (shn) (L6)
Guns N Roses AFD Demos (L19)
Guns N' Roses November Rain (Demos Pre-AFD) (L30)
hallandoates 1991-11-09.flac (L6)
Hammersmith October 27, 1980 (L5)
Heart John Carrol University - Cleveland 10-16-76 (L9)
Heart Night Gallery - Chicago, Ill. - 08-03-76 (L11)
Heart Civic Arena - Pittsburgh, Pa - 10-16-78 (L13)
Heart Ft. Worth 80 (L21)
Heart BBC 1978 (L32)
Heart Ann and Nancy Wilson Solo 1999 (L11)
helmet 1994-07-30-fm (L26)
Idlewild BBC Maida Vale Studio April 2000 (L16)
INXS The Last Rehearsal (L28)
janes addiction 1989-02-20.sbd.flacf (L19)
Jawbox Another Scrapbook of even more fatal accidents  
jeremy enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate) end_session_flac (L25)
JIMI HENDRIX BOG Rehearsals 1969 (L10)
Jimi Hendrix 1970-08-14 - Electric Lady Sessions - NY (L29)
Jimmy Cliff 78-11-11.flac16 (L21)
Joan Jett Live on Long Island (1982) (L6)
Joe Jackson 1981-07-08 FM (FLAC) (L6)
Joe Jackson October 19, 1979 (L11)
Joe Strummer August 21, 1999 (L5)
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Liverpool Uni - 22-11-2002 (L8)
joy division 1978-1979-demos.flacf (L7)
Joy Division 79-11-02 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth (L25)
Joy Division YMCA 79 (L32)
Joy Division The Complete BBC Recordings  
Kaki King 2004-12-10.flac (L22)
Kaki King Wakarusa Festival, Clinton State Park, Lawrence KS 6-19-2004 (flac) (L25)
kaki king March 5, 2005 (L30)
killers (L9)
king missile 1990-05-11.shnf (L21)
King's X September 14, 1989 (L21)
Lee Ranaldo 1991-09-09 Espace Ornano, Paris - France.flac (L4)
Lenny Kravitz MTV Unplugged 1994  
Lenny Kravitz Other Side Of... (b-side collection)  
live skull cbgbs, ny june 1989 (L26)
Los Lonely Boys August 12, 2000 (L9)
Marked 85-87 Demos (L26)
Metallica The Golden Unplugged Album (L1)
metallica 1989-02-03sbd.shnf (L8)
Metallica 5-24-86 SBD (L21)
Metallica Tales from the Cliff (L25)
metallica June 20, 1993 (L25)
Metallica Fight Fire With Fire - Original Demos & Outtakes 82-83 (L32)
Miami 14-11-97 sdb (L31)
Miles Davis 1964-07-12 & 15 Sam Rivers Tour Tokyo (L5)
Miles Davis newport 66-67 (L13)
Miles Davis Documentary (L24)
Minor Threat 1981-03-08-chicago-sbd.flacf (L17)
misfits 1978-12-20_remaster (Jerry Only/Doyle 1994 overdub version) (L6)
Misfits 1982-10-19_AUD_ANAM.flacf (L13)
Misfits 1982-03-27_Walk Among You.flacf (L13)
Misfits October 28, 2000 (L27)
MISFITS April 13, 1982 (L29)
Misfits 12 Hits From Hell (unreleased album)  
Morrisey 2004-12-09-JaniceLong-MP2 (L6)
Morrissey SUE Santiago de Chile 4.11.2004 (L7)
mum 2004-04-25-old.vic-london (L19)
mum 2004.07.19-atlanta (L19)
mum 2004.07.05-san.francisco (L19)
NEC + Marked Demos {Asselin} (L25)
New Order Fullerton 23 June 1983 (L11)
New Order Northampton Roadmenders 7 February 1981 (L13)
New Order ritz 81 (L14)
New Order Dreams Never End - 1981 (L15)
New Order Manchester, England - 1986-07-19 (L15)
New Order 1982-06-16 Florence (L18)
New Order 1989-07-05 Blossom Music Center - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio FIXED (L18)
New Order 1981-04-08_Rock_City_Nottingham (L18)
New Order How Does It Feel Radio Documentary, 7 July 1993 (L18)
New Order 1987-09-12_Irvine_Meadows (L18)
New Order 1985-08-20 Henry Kaiser Centre - Oakland, California (L25)
New Order 1985_12-06 Central London Polytechnic, London, UK (L27)
New Order BBC Basement Rock Around the Clock 25.8.04 (L32)
New Order BBC Basement Studio, 25-08-84 (L6)
New Order 1986_03-01 Spectrum Arena, Warrington, UK (glitchfree) (L27)
Nirvana October 8, 1989 (L8)
Noel Gallagher July 18, 1997 (L6)
noel gallagher 1997-07-18.flac (L16)
oasis 121497.flac (L2)
oasis was there then (L4)
Oasis Marseille 19.06.00 SBD (L11)
Oasis Leave Me Here (Giants Demos) (L15)
Oasis Undrugged (L15)
Oasis 96.08.23 - mtv unplugged (flac) (L16)
Oasis March 15, 2000 (L16)
Oasis Converted Music (L16)
Oasis First Footing 96 (L16)
Oasis Jools_Holland_01.04.2000 (L16)
Oasis The_Stars_Are_Alive (L22)
OASIS The Acoustic Sessions (L28)
Oasis 7th july 2002 finsbury (L29)
OASIS 1993-00-00 Whatever Demos (MickDude Remaster) (L30)
OASIS 1994-08-13 SWEDEN-Hultsfred-The Hultsfred Festival-'Talk Tonight' (L31)
Oasis B-Side and Beyond the Giants (B-sides and promos from SOTSOG)  
Oasis Rags to Riches (more early demos and outtakes)  
Oasis Another plan: b-side and rarities 1994 - 1998  
Oasis Another Story  
Oasis Don't Let It Out (SOTSOG Demos)  
Oasis The Lost Tapes  
Oasis MTV Unplugged  
Oasis The New Oasis  
Oasis Noel Gets To the Point  
Oasis That's The Story Behind The Story  
Ocean Color Scene Sessions (rare and live tracks)  
Ocean Color Scene Sessions (rare and live tracks)  
Ocean Color Scene Marchin' Again (The Singles)  
Ocean Color Scene Oster-Rocknacht 2000 (2 CD)  
On a Friday (Early Radiohead) June 14, 1909 (L9)
Operation Ivy Unreleased Energy (L19)
Orbital "Peel Session 99"  
Ours Sour (1994 Demo Tape) - FLAC (L29)
Paul McCartney Veggie Pie (L16)
Paul McCartney & Wings Venus And Mars - Basic Trax (L15)
Paul Simon MTV Unplugged  
Paul Weller Haldern Festival 2004 (L16)
Paul Weller 2004-10-29.flac16 (L22)
Paul Weller Live at the BBC Radio Theather  
Paul Weller Sessions 96 / 97  
Phil Collins TWS002 4-13-85 (L12)
Pink Floyd 1977-02-20 Ducks On The Wall (L4)
Pink Floyd 11-16-74 SBD (L7)
Pink Floyd Under_Construction_Wall_Demos (L18)
Pink Floyd Echoes - A History Of Pink Floyd (L22)
Pixies June 10, 1989 (L8)
POLICE Tokyo 2/2/81 (L4)
police germany 1978 (L5)
Police Barcelona 1983-10-1 SBD (L8)
police 1979-03-04 Berkeley preFM MR DAT Flac (L10)
police 1979-10-02 Long Island sbd DAT flac (L10)
police 1982-07-31.shnf (L11)
Police Germany - Hatfield Show - 1978 (L17)
police February 2, 1981 (L25)
police 1980/04/ (L27)
Police November 24, 1980 (L27)
Police 1979-03-29.flac16 (L29)
Police 3 Ghosts Caught In The Act.flacf (L29)
police 1979-09-29.flac16 (L29)
police 1979-11-29.flac16 (L30)
police 02 22 1979 (L30)
Police Melbourne 2-22-81 (L32)
Police 1979-04-07 - Born In The 50's (L12)
Pretenders Dominion-Theatre_London_1981-12-16_FM(SHN) (L5)
pretenders September 4, 1981 (L11)
Pretenders Live in LA March 1984 (L23)
Prince April 7, 1985 (L8)
Prince Osaka 1989-02-12 (L22)
prince w/ sheila e - 19850407.shnf.shn (L23)
Prince Neon Rendezvous (L26)
Prince 1983 Live (L30)
Prince 1986-08-25 - Paris, Zénith (concert) (L7)
Radiohead Thieves in New York (L2)
radiohead On the Edge Radio Sessions flac (L2)
Radiohead 2001-04-28.shnf(emi_promo) (L29)
Radiohead Leftover Computer (b-sides)  
Radiohead Glastonbury 1997  
Rage Against The Machine PINKPOP94FLAC (L23)
REM Songs for a Green World (L4)
REM green demos upgrade (L6)
REM MTV Unplugged 1991 (L18)
rem 1987-09-14.flacf (L26)
REM 1989-05-15 Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf (Holland) (The Dream Bootleg) (L19)
Roger Waters 1987-11-07.flac16 - Goodbye Mr Pink Floyd (L14)
Rolling Stones paint it Black - Live 65-67 (L10)
Ry Cooder Mar 25 1987 (L27)
Sade Live and Well  
Samhain Hell's Fury_CD-CDR1.flacf (L12)
SAMHAIN 2-25-85 sbd (L11)
Samiam 1st EP and Rarities  
SARAH McLACHLAN October 31, 2004 (L11)
Sheryl Crow   (L1)
Sheryl Crow Angels, Aliens And Elvis (L1)
Sheryl Crow The Trinity Sessions 11-3-98 (L2)
SHERYL CROW October 11, 2003 (L12)
Sheryl Crow unreleased album (L31)
Sheryl Crow Live in Dutch studios 17-9-98 (L7)
Sigur Ros October 16, 2002 (L12)
Simon and Garfunkel 19691111 (L10)
Sinead O'Connor Beautiful Vision - April 24, 1990 (L14)
Siouxsie & the Banshees Cologne 10.sep.1980 (L4)
Siouxsie & the Banshees January 28, 1991 (L12)
slayer captors of sin1985.flac16 (L20)
SLAYER Adams Theater 2-1-86 (L20)
sleep 1992-10-17 gilman st., berkeley, ca.flac (L8)
Smashing Pumpkins 06-30-93 VPRO Radio - Hilversum NL (L3)
Smashing Pumpkins 1998-07-31 Opheum Theater (L3)
Smashing Pumpkins m2vp.shnf (L30)
smiths butterfly (L4)
Smiths asleep (L5)
smiths 1986-08-26.sbd.shnf (L14)
Smiths Last of English Roses (L14)
Smiths TYLS-06-Frankly_Mr_Shankly (L25)
Smiths Glasgow, Scotland - 1985-09-25 (L28)
Smiths Live In Madrid - Paseo De Camoeons (L13)
Smiths, The Paris, France - 1984-05-09 (L12)
Smiths, The Manchester, England - 1986-10-30 (L12)
social distortion June 23, 1990 (L14)
sonic youth 1992-12-14flac (L7)
sonic youth 2003-11-08.shnf (L15)
sonic youth death_to_our_friends.flacf (L17)
Sonic Youth Junkie's Promise (L17)
Sonic Youth 1989-03-29.flac (L17)
Sonic Youth The Walls Have Ears (L17)
Sonic Youth 1988-11-05.flac (L17)
sonic Youth 1989-2000 (L23)
sonic youth January 24, 1993 (L25)
sonic youth 9161990 (L26)
Sonic Youth anarchy1 (L26)
sonic youth cbgbs (L26)
sonic youth austin - 8/27/85 (L28)
sonic youth Live at ULU london 30-10-85 (L28)
sonic youth Live at Den Haag Holland 6-6-86 (L28)
sonic youth Peel Sessions (L28)
Sonic Youth November 9, 1990 (L30)
Soundgarden 1996-09-28 - Hamburg, Germany (L20)
Soundgarden Oslo 3.23.94 FLAC (L20)
Soundgarden Self Pollution Radio 95 + MTV Live & Loud 96 (L20)
Soundgarden Stolen Prayers (L20)
Steve Vai The Aching Hunger One (L24)
Sting My Senses - June 8, 1996 (L15)
Sting Buenos Aires '94 (L18)
Sting The Timothy White Sessions 91 & 93 (L27)
Sting Art of the Heart (L32)
Sting I Shall Be Released (Discs 1-4)  
Sting All Thease Time  
Sting Brand New Night  
Stray Cats Squeeze 1982-11-25.flacf (L2)
Strokes 2003-12-05 London, Alexandra Palace (FM Broadcast) (L1)
STRUMMER 19880707 (L1)
Strummer 990619 Sweden (L15)
Strummer 990626 Glastonbury (L18)
Sugarcubes 1989-12-11 Stockholm (L31)
sunny day real estate santa_cruz_020499 (L25)
sunny day real estate seattle_062000_flac (L25)
Supergrass Feel Alright - various live (L10)
Television Double Exposure (L6)
Television Portland 1978 (L10)
The Police "Houston 1982" (2 CD)  
tommy guerrero 2004-10-09.at831.shnf (L2)
tortoise 20040717_munich.flac (L10)
TSOL November 20, 1984 (L10)
TSOL 1st Ave, MN  
u2 1981-10-03-War.ape (L1)
U2 1982-12-02 - No Surrender - Manchester - UK (L2)
U2 1984-10-23 Unforgetable fire in Nantes (L3)
U2 1980-02-26 - Dublin.shnf (L3)
U2 Unforgettable Night 1985 SBD (L3)
U2 The golden unplugged album (L4)
U2 1989-10-07 Melbourne soundcheck (L6)
U2 R&H audio outtakes (L7)
u2 1983-05-06.flac (L7)
U2 Contract Demos (L7)
u2 1993-08-28-(ZooEuropa)-Dublin-Ireland (L7)
U2 Hammersmith_FM1983.flacf (L7)
U2 Mountains and Deserts (L9)
U2 Dublin 14.08.83 (L10)
U2 Children of the Revolution 78-79 recordings.flacf (L12)
u2 1987-10-28 Chicago FLAC (L15)
U2 2 Hearts beat as one demos (L17)
U2 New York 17.3.1982 Complete Soundboard (L17)
u2 1997-07-31.shnf (L23)
u2 my-home-town-shn (L25)
U2 The-Silent-Side-of-u2 - shn (L26)
U2 Mysterious Ways (L26)
U2 1992-06-15d1t06.shn (L28)
U2 Miss Sarajevo-shn (L28)
u2 boston 03-06-81 Late show (L28)
U2 1992-06-15 - Rotterdam SB 1992.shnf (L28)
u2 July 7-4-82 (L28)
U2 PopMart Soundchecks May-July 1997 (L31)
U2 Lido Beach December 13, 1981 (L32)
U2 Shadows And Tall Trees (The Early Demos) (L7)
U2 St Patricks Day  
U2 BBC Session 2000  
U2 Four Wild Irish Roses  
U2 Four Wild Irish Roses 2  
U2 Red Light  
U2 Studio Sessions '91  
U2 Ultimate 7" & 12" collection Vol. 1  
U2 Ultimate 7" & 12" collection Vol. 2  
U2 X-Mas at the Point Depot  
Voivod Flawless Structure? (Iron Gang demo 88)  
Voivod Spectrum (Iron Gang Demo 87)  
Voivod Hallen Schaarbeek 11-28-87  
White Stripes 2001.03.01 - Spaceland, Silverlake, CA [sbd] (L17)
White Stripes 2001-07-25 + 2001-11-08 - John Peel Sessions [unedited] (L4)
Wilco YHF Demos (L7)
wilco 2004-10-30.soundboard.flac16 (L23)
wilco 1999-08-28.shnf (L24)
Wilco Summerteeth Demos (L25)
WINGS DEC 17 1979 (L20)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2004-04-24 - Bourges, Le Palais d'Auron - Printemps de Bourges (TV Broadcast) (L17)